Blue Diamond Towing

Towing at Low Rates

Get your vehicle to its destination quickly by calling Blue Diamond Towing. We offer damage-free flatbed towing for all types of vehicles, including lowered or customized cars. Salvage and recovery services are available as well. The price of our services varies depending on the vehicle, weather, and the amount of traffic. Our goal is to make life easy for you, so we also offer complete pickup and drop-off services. Long-distance towing is also available throughout Colorado. You'll be amazed at how convenient towing can be!

Any Vehicle

With modern tow trucks and equipment, we can tow just about any light or medium vehicle. We offer wheel-lift, "four on the floor," and flatbed towing services that are perfect for everything from motorcycles to RVs. Our experienced drivers know how to hook up any vehicle, regardless of make or model, and we never cause further damage during the towing process.

Towing Bronco Player's SUV

Winch Out

Our winch-out service will get you out of any jam. Trapped in one of those infamous Denver snow banks? That's our bread and butter. Stuck in the mud? That's dessert. Slid into a ditch? That's an after-dinner drink. As a locally owned and operated business, we only drink Stranahan's--but never before driving! We always maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Your Property, Your Rules

Illegally parked cars can be inconvenient or dangerous. We offer towing services for residential and commercial clients who want to remove vehicles from their properties. Contact us to make that problem vehicle disappear.